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Bohemian Art Retreat For Women

April 6 -9, 2015

Location:  Matlacha, Florida

Only 12 Spots...some have been taken

Project No. 1

Artist: Bonnie

Siren's Horn

24 X 16



Project No. 2

Artist: Sherri

Fun & Whimsical

Beach Houses

"Pine Island Style"

12 X 24



Project No. 3

Artist: Angie

Starfish and Pearl


22 inches

Project No. 4

Artist: Sherri 

Sculpted Hearts 

  or Fish

Cottages/Sunset/Matlacha Florida

Lodging Cottages on the Bay

Map of Pine Island


The Siren's Horn project is taught on a "wooden" substraight,  not on a canvas because of the "3 dimension" that we are going to teach you.


You will learn how to create this piece with many different "dimensional" materials and how to epoxy the piece! There are no prerequisites required to take this class. In this "upscale" class, you "do not" need to know how to paint, this is a "learning" process. The tricks and tips in this class are beyond anything that you have been taught in prior classes with us.


The steps you will learn in our ART RETREAT'S will never be taught in our weekly classes that we offer during season. 


Bonnie's bio is on Page "About Me".





















Capture the artsy whimsical feel of "Pine Island" in this creative and magical workshop! You will design your own little beach houses on canvas, reminiscent of the beautiful ones on Pine Island using many different "mixed media" textures. There is nothing like creating your own little fun and crazy beach houses!!


In Sherri's class you will get the chance to use ton's of different materials that you see in the craft stores but just didn't know how to use them, ink sprays, crackles, and more!!!!


Sherri Welser is an artist and owner of ~ IndigoEarth~ & Wild Heart Art Studio in Upstate NY and enjoys creating inspiring & unique mixed media and Jewelry, and is a nationally published artist and jewelry artisan.


Sherri has always loved the idea of beautiful colors,textures and designs coming together in a unique creative manner whether it is through jewelry or mixed media artwork. She has many beautiful pieces of jewelry that she will also be bringing to our location that will be for sale!





















In this class you will learn to create a necklace with an "ORIGINAL DESIGN BY ANGIE" that measures 22 inches in length.


This is a very creative will actually be "hand-making" the beads and the main starfish piece on this necklace. Another way of offering you a "take away" lesson to be able to create more after you learn the basics!


Angie Hay is originally from Ohio but has lived here in SW Florida for the last 3 years. Her love of the sea and all things associated with it has had a big impact on her art and jewelry design now and in the past. Her love of art and home decorating started at a very young age watching her mother who was a DIY diva way before it was in style.


Angie is employed by a local bead store and is an instructor from pre-school groups to senior groups in many different mediums. Angie is an active member of her community craft group as well as the Englewood Bead Society and will also be bringing her jewelry line with her for students to purchase!



















This is a BONUS class that Sherri will be teaching. A very fun little class using several different mediums.










































What and Where is Matlacha, Florida?



Matlacha (Mat-la-shay), an Indian name meaning "water to the chin".


Matlacha is a highly-regarded artists community. Appropriately, the shacks and bungalows that the fishermen once called home are now splashed with bright funky colors and house art galleries, gift and island wear boutiques, seafood restaurants, rental cottages and small motels. Even the telephone poles have murals. Famous musicians like Jimmy Buffet drop into the local bar to toss back a few brews and play an unannounced set or two, while authors like Robert Macomber spin tales behind laptop monitors in darkened corners. If art is your passion, there’s lots to see and it’s all within easy walking distance. The tiny island has several art galleries:   “It is just a funky, colorful artist community,”. “They are calling it ‘Key West north’ now, because it is such an adaptable community that has reinvented itself as an arts village, but with authors and musicians as well as artists.”






Included in the Cost:


  • All supplies (paints, brushes, tools, inks, glass, shells, etc.)  will be "furnished" for each class.  All tools etc, belong exclusively to each instructor for your use.

  • Monogrammed Goody Bags...with FUN items including Matlacha's Chocolate from CW FUDGE

  • Games and Prizes

  • Meals

Breakfast - Light breakfast each day consisting of fruit, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, coffee and juices, etc. will be served in the cottages.


Lunch - Catered lunches from Little Lilly's Island Deli on the island.


Snacks and Drinks - Beer, Wine and some Spirits (yippee)


Dinner -  Day 1 - " Welcoming Party" with  Island Pizza with beer and wine.   Day 2 - Island Restaurant with several 

choices of entrees that we have chosen for this event. Day 3 - Local Marina Sunset Cruise with beer and wine and dinner at the Marina. 


Dips in the Pool included with beer and  wine in hand!!!!


  • Lodging

Three nights (April 6, 7 and 8, check-out April 9) in a motel on Matlacha


We will be staying at TWO Matlacha Motels (4 Cottages) on the Bay, right on the water!  Our rooms are all together, this is an open environment with no doors on individual bedrooms. The bathrooms do have doors. The Motel contains twin, queen and king beds. We will be deciding where everyone is sleeping, if you are attending with a friend let us know and we will put you together. 









Send an email to "", do not send anything through the Facebook account.


You will then receive an email back giving you the address to send your check to along with a full registration and liability form to sign and return.


On the date that you send the email, you have SIX days for your check to be rec'd by us. 



Payment Process


Three payments of 331.66.  We are accepting "checks"...and we will also take both Visa and Mastercard.

  • The first payment is due at sign-up.

  • The second payment is due Jan. 1, 2015 (3 day grace period).  

  • The third payment is due Feb. 1, 2015 (3 day grace period)   If you sign up after the initial installment agreement dates we will work with you, but the entire balance "must" be paid by the final payment date of Feb. 1, 2015.


  • All checks will be made out to "Bonnie Fulks". All payments must be made on time to avoid your spot being given to someone on the waiting list.   Send an email to "", do not send anything through the Facebook account. You will be notified within 48 hours through email and we will send you the REGISTRATION/RELEASE FORM,  Once the 12 spaces have been filled then we will start a waiting list. If someone does not continue with their on-time payments OR cancels and you are on the waiting list, then we will notify you! 



Question and Answers


Q.  Can we attend the classes and "not stay" over at the hotel?


 A.  As an all-inclusive retreat, our program has been planned to create a unique experience for our guests, so we are unable to exclude the lodging cost from our program.


 Q.  Can we have spouses or friends stop by and visit with us?


A.  An Art Retreat is just that, a retreat for paid attendees, we would appreciate not inviting anyone else that has not paid to attend or stop by any of the functions that we are having.


Q.  Local have a set menu for one of the island restaurants with three choices.  If we do not like the choices can we get something else?


Q.  Certainly, but it will have to be within budget constraints that we have set OR you will have to pay the difference.






This is a "fun and educational event" for everyone that attends. Upon signing up for this event you will need to sign a "release form" stating that you agree not to hold either the hotel or instructors liable for anything.  


Cancellation Policy - Once you sign up and pay according to the schedule that we have posted, you are hereby included in the Bohemian ART Retreat. Should you need to cancel for "any" reason, you will receive your money back "only if we can fill your spot" prior to Feb. 1, minus a 35.00 cancellation fee. Any cancellations after Feb. 1, 2015 will "NOT" receive money back even if we fill your spot, however, if we have a SECOND ART RETREAT we will transfer your money to that event, not to individual art classes.


This is a NON-SMOKING (inside and out) Event.
















Linda is our "ASSISTANT" for the Bohemian Art Retreat! Linda will be helping us in making sure your time is well spent having a GREAT TIME!

Cost of the Retreat ......995.00

(Installed payments of 331.66)

Pine's a colorful place!

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

Make new friends at an

"ARTSY" event

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